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Unlock your body’s high performance through long-term conscious solutions.

Redefining your body’s full potential

We are a group of experts dedicated to empowering our members with their best Body Performance through meticulously reprogramming lifestyle, knowledge, care and consistency.  Flexology sessions, Oxygen Therapy, Light therapy, Running analysis, and much more.

Our team will take you on a journey that offers precise services to achieve your goals, such as, Sensorimotor Control Training (SMCT),

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Taking care of your body is a necessity.

Light Therapy

Light Therapy

Evidence-based analysis, automatic interpretation, individualized training

hyperbaric oxygen chamber

Peak Rejuvenation and Breathing New Life and Vitality Through Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Vibro-Acoustic Therapy

Natural, relaxed state of the body and mind


The power of Pressotherapy, to restore, to release to revive 

sensorimotor control training (SMCT)

Enhancing Performance, Perfecting Control

flexology treatment

Revolutionizing muscular realignment: Proud pioneers in restoring health and revitalizing your body, one detail at a time


Delicate Precision Enhanced Mobility while Mastering the Art of Physiotherapy

We are the first



The Essence of Comprehensive Healing

At FlexoFix, we ensure you understand, acknowledge and develop a full awareness of your body’s functionality, capabilities and care.

We provide you with the necessary background and tools to digest the core of your body’s full potential and practice it through your lifestyle.


All our work starts from understanding exactly what you need, your expectation and our journey together. That's why our first consultation phase is crucial to the success of our journey.


After our internal review of your consultation, we will develop a tailored program for your own body and lifestyle criteria. This program could include flexology sessions, specialist therapies, equipment treatment or/and body coach sessions.


We will conduct Monthly Measurement Sessions to check your ratio, motion and program evolution. We believe in data, and these evaluations are crucial to redirecting the program or renewing objectives with every month's evolution.


Company Profile

FlexoFix was inspired by Dariane’s personal experience of recovering from a serious injury during his athletic career.

FlexoFix is about empowering people to take control of their own health and wellness.

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